Philips TV Code For One For All Remote & Program

Have you lost your Philips TV remote, or are you looking for a universal remote control for your Philips TV? You are at the right place. The One For All remote is a universal remote that controls multiple entertainment devices, including Philips TV. This post will discuss Philips TV codes For One For All remote and their programming instructions. You can also get all the features of your Philips original remote in the One For All remote. However, you must program the remote with the correct code to control your Philips Tv with a One For All remote. You don’t need any previous experience to program the remote. This post will tell you how to program a one for all remote to a Philips TV.


One For All Remote Philips Tv Code List

The One For All remote producer added several programming codes to connect the remote to Philips TV. However, finding the correct one while programming the remote would be best as we found one for all hisense code. If you have an incorrect code, you may not get all the features of the remote. The code scans the device after entering it on the remote and stores the device information in the remote. The codes mentioned below are only for Philips TVs, which are the most compatible codes.









How To Program A One For All Remote To A Philips Tv

The One For all remote accepts code method to program the remote. It is the easiest method, and you don’t need technical knowledge to pair the remote with the device. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Connect all the cables correctly and turn on your Philips. (The Philips TV should not be in standby mode)
  2. Insert a set of new batteries into the remote.
  3. Find the “MAGIC” button on the remote to enable learning mode. The leaning mode allows the remote to pair with the device.
  4. Press and hold the “MAGIC” key until the LED indicator blinks twice.
  5. After this, enter the code that you selected for your Philips TV.
  6. The LED indicator blinks twice and turns off after entering the code.
  7. To save and confirm the code, press and hold the “POWER” key on the remote.
  8. The device should turn off. If not, you will need to program the remote with the following code. If you fail to enter the correct code on the remote, you can try all the codes by repeating the exact programming instructions.

Conclusion:  The information discussed above is Philips TV codes for One For all remote and to program the remote. Before starting remote programming, read all the information carefully like you did in one for all remote codes bush tv and keep the remote in front of the device from an appropriate distance while programming the remote. If you have any doubts or have errors in the remote program, leave a comment below, and we will try to answer you.

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