One For All Remote Hisense TV Code & Program

One for all remotes is the most comfortable remotes, which supports 99% of device brands throughout the world. One for all remotes lists all types of device codes in the user manual. Also, you can find Hisense TV codes in this post. One for all remote programming is much simple when compared with other universal remotes.


One For All Hisense Code List

The remote manufacturer designs several types of codes to operate multiple brand devices. You will need to find the correct code to program your Hisense TV. You can see different kinds of Hisense TV codes in the code list, but you must find the valid code for your device model and version.




How To Program A One For All Remote To A Hisense TV

One for all remote is a universal remote that controls multiple devices at once, and its programming is much simple. You can set up your remote within minutes by following some simple steps. You don’t need any previous experience to program this remote. The remote manufacturer added the list of codes for the Hisense TV, in which you can find the correct code for your device.

  • Insert new batteries into the remote, and press, and hold the “magic” key on your remote.
  • After this, find the device button you wish to control. For example, TV, DVD, and SAT.
  • Enter the brand code or press and hold the device key (for example, 7 for Hisense TV). If the code is correct, the device turns off. After this, release the device key. The LED indicator on top of the remote will blink twice.
  • Note: Find the device code on this post or the remote manual.
  • Now your remote setup is completed.
  • Check the remote keys, such as volume control, CH+ and CH-, and other functions to control your device.
  • If you fail to program your remote in this method, you will need to reprogram your remote from step1.

The manual programming method is recommended for One all remotes because this method is simple and accurate o setting up your remote. Follow the instructions above to program your one for all remote to the Hisense Tv.


Find the correct device code for your device. You can see several types of Hisense codes, but you must choose the valid code based on your device model and version. Do not use one new and old battery during the remote programming. Make sure you have inserted fresh batteries into the remote. Plug all the power cables properly before the program setup one for all remotes to the Hisense Tv. If you have any doubts, leave a comment for us.

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