How To Program A One For All Remote Without Codes

One for all remote is the best universal remote to control multiple devices, and the remote producer adds several brand codes to program the various brand’s devices. If you lost the setup code or didn’t have the correct code to program the remote to your device or want to learn urc one for all remote programming, you can download the “One For All Setup App” from the play store or apple store.

The “one for all setup” app database consists of several brand codes, where you can find the compatible code for your device. To find the correct code, enter the device model correctly on the “find your setup code” tool. It will scan several codes to find your device’s compatible code.

If the tool doesn’t find the correct code for your device, you could switch to the learning feature, which allows you to copy your original remote features into the new One for all remote.

How Do You Program a One For All Remote Without The Code?

Using the learning feature, you can program the One for all universal remotes without code. The feature in the One for all remote copies your original remote features into it, but the original remote should be in working condition to start this method. Follow the instructions below to copy your original remote features.

1). Insert new batteries into the original remote and One For All remote. Place two remotes facing each other in a gap of 3cm.

2). Press the “Magic” or “Setup” key on the remote until the LED indicator blinks twice. Enter 975 on the One For All Remote. Now the Led indicator blinks twice again.

3). Now press and release the learn key on the One For All remote. For Example, if you want to learn “Mute,” press the “Mute” key. After this, the LED indicator will blink continuously.

4). Now press the same key on the original remote, for example, the “Mute” key.

5). The One For All Remote LED indicator blinks twice to confirm that the function has been learned correctly.

6). Repeat the same steps to learn all keys from your original remote. You can use this method for all remotes, but you can learn one function only per key.

7). After completing the remote key’s learning, press and hold down the “Magic” or “Setup” key on the One For All Remote, and the LED indicator will blink twice and turn off.

8). Now test your device with learned functions. If the device responds correctly, it means the remote is programmed successfully. If not, repeat the same procedure from step1.


You can find the codes from the One For All Remote app. If you didn’t find the correct code for your device, you could use the learning feature to obtain original remote features.

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