One For All URC Remote Codes & Programming

The One For All URC remote is the best choice to replace your original remote due to its unique features. You can get all the functions of your original remote in the One For All 3021,3220,7960, 7130, 7140,7120 and 7110 remote. To use this One For All URC remote on your device, you will need to program it with a code that should match your device model. This post will discuss One For All URC remote codes and programming instructions. If you are new to reprogramming or don’t have technical knowledge, I will teach you how to program URC One For All remote in this post.


One For All Remote Codes URC List

You can see the URC remote list below (URC3021, URC3220, URC7960, URC7130, URC7140, URC7120 and URC7110), which will help you find the correct one for your device. The One For All remote producer designed a list of codes to control the various devices based on their model. The code you use in the programming scan the device information and save them in the remote database. However, the codes look similar, so you will need to choose the correct code while programming your device.

How To Program URC Model One For All Remote

The URC One For All remote allows you to program the remote in the code entry method. It is the best and fastest method, complete within a minute if you follow all the instructions carefully. See the programming instructions below to program URC One For All remote.

  1. Turn on the device you wish to connect the remote with it.
  2. Insert new batteries into the remote to strengthen the remote signals.
  3. Enable the learning mode in the remote. You can only program the remote when the remote comes into learning mode.
  4. To enable the learning mode, press and hold the “MAGIC” button on the remote. The LED light flashes two times. (The LED light is the indicator that indicates when the remote comes into the learning mode)
  5. Now, your remote is ready to receive a code. Enter the four-digit code using the remote keypad. The LED indicator will flash two times and turn off after entering the programming code.
  6. Finally, press and hold the “Power” key on the remote to shut down the device. If the device responds to the remote command, the remote is ready to use. If not, you will need to program the remote again with a different code.


The information above explains the One For All URC codes and their programming instructions. Read all the information carefully before going to remote programming, and connect all the cables correctly to the device you wish to pair with the remote. Make sure you have inserted new batteries into the remote if you use bad batteries, which may interrupt the infrared signals. In addition, if you fail to connect the remote to the device, you may try to use another code for programming, and you should follow all the programming instructions from step1. If you have any doubts or notice errors during the One For All URC remote programming, leave a comment to us, and we may answer you.

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