Element TV Code For One For All Remote & Program

One For All remote is a universal remote that controls multiple audio and video devices at once. However, you must program this remote with a compatible code to control the Element Tv. The remote program will complete within minutes if you follow all the instructions carefully. One For All remotes is a very advanced universal remote that supports all types of brand entertainment devices, including Element TV. This post will discuss programming a One For All remote to an Element TV.


One For All Remote Code Element TV List 

The remote manufacturer added a list of codes for Element TV based on model and version. You must find the correct code to connect the remote to the Element Tv. The codes listed below are to program the One For All remote for Element Tv. Note down the correct before programming the remote. Remote may program even if you use incorrect code, but it will work partially only. Find the code that should be compatible with your device model.


How To Program A One For All Remote To A Element TV

The steps below explain how to program a One For All remote to an Element TV. You don’t need technical knowledge to connect the One For All Remote to the Element TV and one for all remote setup without code you can connect. Read all the instructions carefully before going to remote programming.

  1. Turn on your Element TV (Not Standby mode).
  2. Make sure you have inserted a set of new batteries into the remote.
  3. Note down the code before connecting the remote to the Element Tv.
  4. Find the “MAGIC” button on the remote that enables learning mode. Press the “MAGIC” key until the LED light flashes twice. After this, release the button.
  5. Now enter the code you selected to connect the One For All remote. The LED light flashes twice and turns off.
  6. Press and hold the “POWER” key on the remote. The Element Tv should turn off while pressing the “POWER” key. If it works, which means the remote is programmed successfully. If not, repeat the exact programming instructions from step4.


The One For All remote accepts 99% of entertainment devices worldwide even one for all remote bush tv code too, but you must enter the correct code while programming your remote. If you program your remote with the incorrect code, the remote may not work or partially work. If you face any error during the programming, leave a comment for us.

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