Sinotec Universal Remote Codes For One For All

Have you lost your original remote, or are you looking for a remote replacement? I will suggest the best universal remote today. The One For All remote is the best universal remote due to the fantastic features you can control all types of entertainment devices with it. Also, you can get all the functions of your original remote, including apps in this remote. This post will discuss how to program the One For All remote and its codes. You don’t need any technical knowledge to program this remote, and it will complete within a minute.


One For All Remote Code For Sinotec Tv List

Here you can see a list of Sinotec TV codes, which help you connect the remote to the device. However, you will need to choose the correct code for your device while programming the One For All remote. The code will scan and save the device information in the remote database. If you fail to find the correct device, you can try the remaining codes to program the remote.






How To Program A One For All Remote To A Sinotec TV

You will need to program the One For All remote using the code. Remote programming is much simple when compared to the other universal remotes. Follow the instructions to program A One For All remote to A Sinotec TV.

  1. Turn on your Sinotec TV
  2. Insert new batteries into the battery compartment to strengthen the remote signals.
  3. Press and hold the “MAGIC” button on the remote until the LED flashes two times.
  4. Now enter the code on the remote to program the One For All remote.
  5. The LED indicator will flash twice after entering the code and turns off.
  6. Finally, press the “Power” key on the remote. The Sinotec TV should turn off. If not, you will need to reprogram the remote using a different code.


You don’t need any previous experience to program the One For All universal remote. Its programming is much simple and complete within a minute. Read all the information carefully before going to remote programming and note down the correct code to avoid errors during the programming. In addition, keep the remote toward the device below 15 meters distance while programming the remote. If your remote is not working even after you programmed the remote correctly, leave a comment to us.

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