One For All Universal Remote Codes List

The one for all universal remote is considered amongst one of those revolutionary remotes that can easily connect to multiple devices such as DVD, VCR and TV etc. Following the steps to set one for all universal remote with one for all remote setup codes, you can configure your remote to the device of your choice and start streaming. There are separate set of codes for separate devices and brands. It is thus, very important to use the right codes to pair your device to your remote. Also, make sure to follow the below given steps to configure your remote without any hassles.

One For All Remote Codes List

Most of the universal remotes come with a manual and code list that can be entered during the sync process to match the device of the user. However, for those who cannot figure out the codes, there is auto-programming or setting up your device and remote without the codes. These codes are mainly in the form or 3, 4, 5-digit codes as per the brand and device one is trying to configure. It is very important to enter the right code for every device else you mail fail configuring your device.

How to Program One For All Universal Remote 

Most of the universal remote come with the apt device code that will be required during the setup process. This method is mainly manual and helps in synchronization of the deice and universal remote using the direct entry method of one for all tv remote codes. For this, you must be aware of the apt codes and follow the below mentioned process-

Step 1: Power on the device your wish to pair your remote with. Also, check if your remote is in working condition and the batteries are rightly placed. 

Step 2: Press and long hold the device button until the power light on the remote lights up. Still, continue to keep hold of the device button. 

Step 3: Now it is time to enter the 3-, 4- or 5-digit remote code while holding the device button. The power light will turn off however, keep hold of the device button. 

Step 4: After sometime the power button will light up again. Now is the time to release your device button. This means the codes entered are correct and the remote and device are paired up and ready to use. 

Step 5: You can repeat the same process for each device and complete the setup for all. However, in case the light does not power on, repeat the steps from 2 to 4, once again, ensuring the right codes are entered also check one for all remote not working solutions to fix. 

How to Program A One For All Remote Without Codes

Most of the times, users tend to have an idea about the codes that will be required to sync the brand and the type of device to your universal remote model (URC). However, there are fair chances that sometimes users are not aware of the exact codes to prompt while pairing their devices. For such users, the remote can be easily synced without the codes as well. 

Are you trying to understand the procedure of how to program a one for all remote without the codes! If yes, we got you covered!

Here are the steps to follow in order to pair your single remote for all without having the right codes by your side. This process is also known as the auto-code method. 

Step 1: Long press and hold the power button of the remote until the red-light blinks or stay lit. This means now the remote is in setup mode.

Step 2: Now release the button and keep pressing the power button until the device turns on. 

Step 3: Next is the time to press the device key on the remote to select the device you wish to pair with your remote. 

Step 4: Once the red light stops blinking, press the channel up or volume up button until the device automatically turns off. 

Step 5: If the device turns off, now press the device key or stop button to save your setup setting. This will automatically save your device code. 

Now your remote and device are in sync. You can easily start streaming your favourite channels or music after this. 

Final words

The universal one for all remote is a saviour for all those looking for an uninterrupted entertainment without the hassle of switching between multiple remotes at a time. Configuring your universal remote with your streaming device gives you full access to sync your entertainment system in a comprehensive manner. Right from audio to video, you can sync and stream all kinds of devices using just a single remote once you complete your one for all setup. Following the above steps, you can sync your remote to multiple devices of your choice using either the manual or auto sync mode.