One For All Remote Not Working

The One For All universal remotes work well without interruptions if you follow all the guidelines. However, in a few cases, the One For All remote may not work as you expected due to several reasons, which I will explain below.


Fix One For All Universal Remote Not Working

I will tell you some essential fixes to solve the One For All remote not working problem. If the remote doesn’t work, even after you follow all the instructions carefully to program the remote, follow the solutions to fix the problems.

Check the batteries: If you notice that your remote doesn’t work or not working correctly, you will need to check the batteries because the old batteries weaken the infrared signals, which may not send signals to the device. Insert two new batteries into the remote and control the device.

Operate From An Appropriate Distance: If you want to control your device with the One For All remote, you must keep the remote toward the device from an appropriate distance. If you control your device with the One For All remote for more than 15 meters, the remote may not send infrared signals to the device. Always keep the remote towards the device from an appropriate distance.

Run The Power Cycle: If the One For All remote is not working even though you followed the two solutions mentioned above, run the power cycle. Remove the cables from the devices and remove the batteries from the remote. Press the power key on the device for a few minutes. As well, press the power key on the remote for 30 seconds. After this, insert the batteries into the remote. Wait for ten minutes and connect the cables correctly to the device. Sometimes the remote program may erase after removing the batteries. You will need to program the remote again. Now check the remote to control the device.

Use Correct code: If you use the incorrect code, the One For All remote may program successfully, but you can’t operate the device with it because an incorrect code can’t scan the device information. Find the correct code before starting remote programming; the code should match your device model.

Factory Reset: If you tried all the solutions, the remote is not working. Reset your remote by simply following the instructions.

How To Reset One For All Remote (Chip version R00)

  • Press and hold the “GEEN and YELLO keys simultaneously until the LED flashes twice.
  • Now enter the code 9-8-1
  • After this, the LED indicator will blink four times, which means the data cleared in the remote successfully.

How To Reset One For All Remote (version R01)

  1. Remove the batteries from the battery compartment and press the “power” key for a minute to discharge the remote.
  2. Now insert the batteries into the compartment. The LED light will blink twice.
  3. After this, press the numeric keys 2 and 8 simultaneously within six seconds. The LED light will flash two times.
  4. Now enter the code 9-8-1. The LED indicator will flash four times.
  5. Your remote has been reset successfully.

Try to reprogram the remote with the correct code and control the device.

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