One For All Remote Roku Code & Program

One For All remote is the best universal remote to control all types of entertainment devices and is easy to use. However, you must program the remote with the correct code when you want to use this remote to control your Roku Device. The remote code will identify the device model and type to control the functions. One For All remote program is complete within a minute if you follow all the instructions carefully. This post will discuss how to connect the One For All remote to Roku.


One For All Roku Remote Codes List 

You can use the codes below to program the One For All remote for the Roku device. You must choose the correct one based on your device model like one for all remote codes hisense same you have to choose for roku because the One For All remote codes is similar to minor changes. If you fail to program your remote, use the following code until you get a successful code. In most cases, if you choose the incorrect code, the remote will program, but the functions will work partially.


How To Connect One For All Remote To Roku 

One For All remote programming is much simple, and it will be complete within a minute if you follow all the instructions carefully. Connect all the cables to the device correctly and write the correct code before starting programming.

Insert new batteries into the remote and turn on the Roku device. Keep the remote towards the Roku device from an appropriate distance.

  1. Find the “MAGIC” button on the One For All remote. It enables the learning mode in the remote to connect the device with the help of a compatible code.
  2. Long press the “MAGIC” key until the LED light blinks twice. (LED indicator blinks twice when the remote comes into the learning mode)
  3. Enter the code that you selected for the One For All remote. Now LED flashes two times and goes off.
  4. After this, press and hold the “POWER” key on the remote to shut down your Roku device.
  5. Suppose the Roku device responds to the remote command, which means the remote is connected successfully to your Roku Device. If not, try to reprogram your remote with the correct code until you get the valid code for your remote.

Note: Turn off interference objects while programming your remote.


You must keep the remote in front of the Roku device while programming and insert a set of new batteries into the remote to avoid power supply errors during the programming. You must also find the correct code, which should match the device model. If you have any doubts or facing any errors while programming the remote, leave a comment for us.

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