One For All Remote LG TV Codes & Program

Replacing universal remotes is better when you lose your original remote or avoid using a bunch of remotes in your room. Even though several types of universal remotes are available, The One For All universal remotes is most comfortable for controlling all entertainment devices at once. However, to use the One For All remotes, you must program the remote with a key code designed to connect the remote to the LG TV. The universal remote manufacturers design some codes to identify the device functions for control. This post will discuss One For All remote LG TV codes and programming instructions.


LG One For All Remote Codes List

The codes below are compatible with all types of LG TVs, but you should use the correct code that matches your device model. If you use an incorrect code, the remote will accept the remote, but it may only control some of the functions you expected to control the LG TV. Verify your device model before finding the code and connect all the cables correctly to avoid errors while connecting the remote to the LG TV. If you fail to program the remote with a code, try to program the remote with the following code until you get a successful code.



















How To Program One For All Remote To LG Tv

Before going to programming, note the code on paper and read all the instructions carefully to connect the One For All remote to the LG TV. You don’t need technical knowledge to program the One For All remote. Follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Plug all the cables properly and turn on your LG Tv. (It should not be in standby mode)

Step 2: Find the “MAGIC” key on the remote to activate learning mode. (Learning mode allows you to program the remote)

Step 3: Press and hold the “MAGIC” key until the LED indicator flashes two times.

Step 4: Now locate the remote towards the LG TV and enter your four-digit code to program the One For All remote. The LED indicator flashes two times again after entering the code.

Step 5: To confirm and save the code, press and hold the “POWER” key on the remote. The LG TV should turn off.

Step 6: Finally, turn on your device with the help of the remote and check the functions, such as volume control, changing channels, and other functions as you expected.

Step 7: If your device doesn’t respond to the remote command or working partially, try to reprogram your remote with the following code until you get the successful code.


The information stated above is One For All remote LG codes and their programming procedures. Keep the remote in front of the LG TV from an appropriate distance while programming your device. If you have any doubts, leave a comment for us.

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