One for all Remote Codes For JVC TV & Program

One For All remote is a universal remote that controls multiple entertainment devices at once. If you have lost your Jvc TV remote or looking for a remote replacement, the One For All remote is the compatible remote for your Jvc TV. The remote setup and usage are much simpler, and you can get all the benefits of your original remote in this remote. This post will tell you the One For All remote codes For Jvc TV and programming instructions. Just read the information and follow the instructions below to connect the One For All remote to the Jvc TV.


One For All Remote JVC Tv Codes List

The codes added below are designed by the One For All remote manufacturer, which allows the remote to connect to the JVC TV when you enter the code during the remote setup. The code you entered on the remote will scan the device for pairing and save the device information in the remote database. After successfully pairing the remote with the device, you can use the remote. You will need to program the device with a code that should match the device model; otherwise, if you use an incorrect code for the remote, which may not work as expected.








How To Connect One For All Remote To Jvc TV

The One For All remote programming is much simple, and it will complete within a minute if you follow all the instructions carefully. Plug all the cables correctly into the device and note down the device code when you are ready to connect the remote to the Jvc TV.

  1. Turn on your Jvc TV to connect with the One For All remote.
  2. Insert new batteries into the remote to strengthen infrared signals.
  3. Find the “MAGIC” button on the remote, press and hold it until the LED light flashes two times. After this, release the “MAGIC” button.
  4. Enter the code you selected for remote programming using the remote keypad.
  5. The LED light blinks twice and turns off after entering the code on the remote.
  6. Now press and hold the “POWER” key on the remote. The JVC TV should turn off. If not, try to reprogram your remote with the correct code.


The information explained above regarding One For All Jvc remote codes and their programming instructions. If you fail to connect the remote to the device, you will need to reprogram your remote with the following code. You can also try all the codes mentioned earlier in the post until your remote successfully connects to the device. If you have any doubts or issues with the remote setup, leave a comment to us, and we may try to answer you.

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